At the end of last year we were faced with the daunting prospect of emptying our parents’ home so it could be put on the market. This was a 3000+ square foot, tri level home that had 55 years of belongings under it’s roof, and in the yard. Our parents lived through the war, were very frugal, so there wasn’t much that was thrown out…if there was the possibility of reuse, they held onto it. After many days spent attempting to sort, clear and make sense of it all, I reached out for help from our realtor. He recommended Jill at Let Me Get it Done. He had just received glowing comments from a fellow realtor, who had used her services for a client. Best recommendation we’ve ever received, hands down! We met with Jill, she assessed the contents, answered our many questions, and assured us that they could handle the job. We didn’t think the contents were valuable enough for an estate sale, but she explained how that wasn’t the case. There is a market out there for just about anything, and her multiple buyers for everything from old tools to vintage purses, were contacted for the sale. Everything that didn’t sell was either consigned, donated (to wonderful, deserving charities), reused, and recycled. Very little actually went into the trash. One of her employees found two items that we had searched for exhaustively…we were very impressed! It was a huge relief to get such trustworthy assistance with a task that was overwhelming, time consuming and emotional. We don’t foresee ever being in this predicament again, but If we were, there’s no one else we would call. Do yourself a favor...before spending too much time and energy attempting to clear a home yourself, give Jill a call. You will feel a tremendous load has lifted from your shoulders!

Tracy and Dan Lowe

If you want results, hire Jill Wasserman and her crew.  They really do get it done!  Jill has helped several of my real estate clients clear out their homes, either for estate situations or downsizing.  In every case, she did an excellent job.  One thing I admire, which most companies ignore, is her green approach. She puts great effort into making sure as little as possible goes into the landfill.  Hire Get It Done. 

Vicky Faulk, Coldwell Banker Realty

Jill we want to thank you for the tremendous help that you provided us on the move and sale of our house.  When we first met, we were somewhat skeptical regarding the need for help.  Your insights and suggestions had us convinced of the need for your help within the first hour.  I credit you for having developed a well thought out time table for packing, moving, and completing the repairs and finishing touches on the house. 

You provided us with organizing strategies for packing, helped us remove the "clutter", found professional contractors such as painters, handymen and women,  plumbers and moving companies, etc..  And then you took over the actual oversight of these contractors, making sure that their work was done properly and in a timely fashion.  We were able to meet all of the deadlines, plow through the difficult process of packing, efficiently unpack in our new home and have the house ready for showing on time.  The house sold immediately and at a price well above our listing price.  Thank you....we could not have done it without you and your team.

Michael Tilles and Janelle Striech, downsizing and project management

Some of my favorite estate sales are the ones hosted by Get It Done.  Why? Lots of reasons!  Here are some: Jill and her team always do a great job organizing the contents of the home before the sale. It's easy to look once inside and find the items I was most excited about purchasing.  When Jill advertises, she even groups the types of items so it's easy for me to see if this sale has the things I'm interested in buying. 

Once there, things are priced.  Lots of sellers don't put prices and that can make it uncomfortable.  Not only are things priced, but they are priced fairly.  The estate will get a good return on their items and I feel happy about what I paid... so I keep coming back to Jill's sales.  Speaking of which, the only problem with Let Me Get It Done sales.... There is always a line because Jill has so many happy, returning customers!   Jill and her team are excellent.  They always have a pleasant and helpful attitude.   If you haven't been to one of their sales yet, you should check them out soon!

Karen Katz, loyal customer

What would we have done without you! I almost declined the listing of that house in Montclair, because of the overwhelming challenges of 40 years of personal belongings which needed to be handled somehow. For anyone who needs a recommendation, please have them call me. I would refer you with rave reviews. If a call is not necessary, let me describe the project. The owner went to visit his daughter out of state, and ended up staying.

No one in the family had the time or ability to handle the personal property, due to distance and personal demands, and no real estate agent can do it alone. We sell houses, not stuff! Someone suggested that no job was too daunting for Jill and her team at Get It Done, and from the first walk-through, I was sold! Not that Jill “sells” herself. It was just that she wasn’t put off by the enormous task (5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a basement stuffed with mystery boxes).

She and her team opened every drawer and cupboard, found the owner’s wedding ring and watch, personal papers and photos. They sorted and organized, arranged for shipping to family members, arranged, advertised and staffed a 2 day sale, had handyman and hauler at her fingertips, disposed of the remainders thoughtfully through charitable donations and recycling, and in general earned every penny, delivering the house to me vacant and ready to sell. Thank you, Jill! - Kathy Cooper, The Grubb Co.

My clients are moving from a 3000SF home to a 2 bedroom apartment. They needed to downsize and get rid of many items accumulated over 40 years of living in their home. Kathy Cooper recommended Jill Wasserman of Get It Done. Jill and her team came in and conducted an estate sale while my clients remained in their home. They got this done in a timely manner and with minimal impact to my clients’ daily lives. The proceeds from the sale covered all the costs of the many services provided by Get It Done, which ranged from organizing and setting up for a 2 day sale and then coordination of bulky waste pick up, donation pick up and items to be recycled or free-cycled. I was impressed with how little went to the landfill.

Honestly, the Jensen’s could not have done this without Jill. They felt taken care of at a time that is difficult. Having to let go of the past and trust that you care for their things and want to find the right place for everything. And for me – Your help allowed me more time with them in preparing the house for sale. - Liz Behrens, The Grubb Co.

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