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Welcome to Get It Done Estate Sales. We are a Bay Area business that helps people get their homes ready to sell. Many of our clients are downsizing and transitioning into simpler and smaller spaces. Others have inherited a family member’s home.
We help clear the home; assist them in deciding what to keep and what to pass along. Get It Done works very hard to keep as much as possible out of landfill, donating useful items to families in need and local nonprofits.

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Over the years we have developed extensive connections with specialty buyers, dealers, consignment stores and auction houses.
At Get It Done we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, home and family.  We have helped people who are retiring or closing down a business.


One of our clients describes it best:
At the end of last year we were faced with the daunting prospect of emptying our parents’ home so it could be put on the market. This was a 3000+ square foot, tri level home that had 55 years of belongings under it’s roof, and in the yard. Our parents lived through the war, were very frugal, so there wasn’t much that was thrown out…if there was the possibility of reuse, they held onto it. After many days spent attempting to sort, clear and make sense of it all, I reached out for help from our realtor. He recommended Jill at Let Me Get it Done. He had just received glowing comments from a fellow realtor, who had used her services for a client. Best recommendation we’ve ever received, hands down! We met with Jill, she assessed the contents, answered our many questions, and assured us that they could handle the job. We didn’t think the contents were valuable enough for an estate sale, but she explained how that wasn’t the case. There is a market out there for just about anything, and her multiple buyers for everything from old tools to vintage purses, were contacted for the sale. Everything that didn’t sell was either consigned, donated (to wonderful, deserving charities), reused, and recycled. Very little actually went into the trash. One of her employees found two items that we had searched for exhaustively…we were very impressed! It was a huge relief to get such trustworthy assistance with a task that was overwhelming, time consuming and emotional. We don’t foresee ever being in this predicament again, but If we were, there’s no one else we would call. Do yourself a favor...before spending too much time and energy attempting to clear a home yourself, give Jill a call. You will feel a tremendous load has lifted from your shoulders! 

Tracy and Dan Lowe

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